Adopted charges

Adopted charges are levied on new developments to fund the cost of trunk infrastructure required to support development. The trunk infrastructure includes the key pieces of infrastructure that provide a distribution function and service the wider urban communities across the regional council area, for the following networks:

  • water supply
  • sewerage
  • stormwater
  • transport
  • parks.

Charges are levied on development in accordance with the adopted charges resolution. Council updated its resolution at its Ordinary Meeting on December 13, 2023 with Adopted Charges Resolution – December 2023 commencing on December 18, 2023.

Amendments include updating the Lot Size Factor that apply to the calculation of infrastructure charges for reconfiguration of lot developments, providing discounts of between 50% and 90% for small lots less than 550m2 depending on the size of the lot, to promote greater diversity in housing and more efficient use of trunk infrastructure.

Other amendments include amendments to provide another option for calculating establishment costs, moving nature based tourism to the Accommodation (short term) charge category and minor formatting amendments.

The adopted charges resolution identifies the methodology for calculating the levied charge and identifies the different adopted charges for the various types of development. An Infrastructure Charges Notice will be issued as part of a development approval to identify the amount of the levied charge and when it becomes payable. The adopted charges resolution also includes other necessary information, including the method for working out the cost of the infrastructure that is subject to an offset or refund and criteria for deciding a conversion application.

Adopted Charges Resolution, December 2023 – commences December 18, 2023

Superseded resolution

Infrastructure charges notice register

Automatic increases

Facilitating development policy

Development that will deliver significant economic development and growth outcomes may be eligible for a range of incentives through the Facilitating Development in the Mackay Region Policy. The existing policy provides for between 50% and 100% discount on infrastructure charges for qualifying development. For an overview of the Facilitating Development Policy and other incentives available please refer to the Facilitating Development In The Mackay Region Policy page.