Mackay Waterfront PDA development scheme

PDA Development scheme

The Mackay Waterfront PDA development scheme (PDA development scheme) is the local planning document that will assist in planning, carrying out, coordinating and controlling the development of land in the PDA. The development scheme supersedes the Mackay Waterfront PDA Interim Land Use Plan, which no longer has effect.

All development applications within the PDA will be assessed against the development scheme.

PDA development assessment

Development assessment for the PDA has been delegated by the Minister for Economic Development to Mackay Regional Council, except for the assessment of state interests. Council will assess development applications against the PDA development scheme and coordinate referral of applications to Economic Development Queensland for state interest assessment as part of the development assessment process.

Prior to lodgement, applicants are encouraged to contact council to organise a pre-lodgement meeting to discuss conceptual and detailed design proposals. While this is an informal process, pre-lodgement discussions allow developers and the development assessment team to work together under a streamlined assessment process. To organise a pre-lodgement meeting, please submit pre-lodgement meeting request form to

PDA development applications can be lodged to council via the application portal, email, post to Mackay Regional Council, PO Box 41, Mackay QLD 4740, or in person at the Mackay Customer Service Centre located at 73 Gordon Street, Mackay.

The relevant development form must be completed and submitted with the PDA development application:

For all development enquiries, please email, call 1300 MACKAY, or post to the Mackay Regional Council Development Assessment Team, PO Box 41, Mackay QLD 4740.

PDA development application fees and charges

PDA Development Application fees are the same as the Planning and Development fees and charges in council’s adopted Schedule of Fees and Charges.

Development infrastructure charges applicable to development within the PDA are in accordance with council’s Adopted Infrastructure Charges Resolution unless a development charges and offset plan (DCOP) comes into effect.