Local Government Infrastructure Plan

Council has adopted the Local Government Infrastructure Plan (LGIP) with a commencement date of 1 July 2018

After receiving Ministerial approval, the LGIP was adopted by Council at its Ordinary Meeting of 27 June 2018 as part of the consolidated version of the Mackay Region Planning Scheme 2017 (version 2.0), with a commencement date of 1 July 2018.

The LGIP was prepared in accordance with the (repealed) Sustainable Planning Act 2009 and Statutory Guideline 03/14 – Local government infrastructure plans. The LGIP provides the link between council’s land use vision for urban development across the region and the infrastructure required to support that vision. The LGIP identifies the trunk infrastructure necessary to service the planned urban development to meet the desired standards of service, in a coordinated and financially sustainable manner.

The types of trunk infrastructure included, typically have a supply and distribution function and have the capacity to service multiple development areas. There are five infrastructure networks included:

  • Water – water treatment plants and the distribution networks
  • Sewerage – sewage treatment plants and the distribution networks
  • Transport – the higher order roads that move people and freight throughout the road network
  • Stormwater – the pipe and channel networks that collects and distributes major flows
  • Parks – the parks and associated facilities servicing the urban population

The LGIP includes four key sections:

  1. Planning assumptions – identifies the projected future population, dwellings and non-residential floor space anticipated across the key urban areas and the corresponding infrastructure demand
  2. Priority infrastructure area (PIA) – the area where Council will prioritise investment in trunk infrastructure to service the planned growth up to 2031
  3. Desired standards of service – the planning standards for each of the trunk infrastructure networks
  4. Plans for trunk infrastructure – identifies the specific items of trunk infrastructure that are taken to be required to support development inside the PIA

The LGIP and the associated materials are available for download below.

Adopted LGIP


1.LGIP Version A.2 adopted 27 June 2018 and incorporated into Mackay Region Planning Scheme (Version 3.0)

27 June 2018

Appointed Reviewer documents


2. LGIP Checklist (Second compliance check - completed)

31 May 2018

3. LGIP Reviewer’s Statement (Second compliance check)

31 May 2018

4. LGIP Checklist (First compliance check) 11 December 2017
5. LGIP Reviewer’s Statement (First compliance check) 11 December 2017

Other materials


6. Copy of public notice

28 June 2017

7. Copy of public notice

16 March 2018

8. Mackay Regional Council – Local Government Infrastructure Plan, Planning Assumptions Report

Version A.1, December 2017

9. Schedule of Works Model

Version A.1, December 2017

10. MGAM Planning Assumptions Report

May 2017

11. MGAM Planning Assumptions Report

September 2017

12. Mackay Area Transport Modelling Report

July 2017

13. MRC Draft Recreational Open Space Strategy

August 2017

14. Draft CTM Code

May 2015

15. Mackay Isaac Whitsunday Regional Plan


16 Mackay Region Flood and Stormwater Management Strategy

November 2016

17. Mackay Water Strategy

March 2016

18. Projected population, by local government area, 2011 to 2036


19. Projected population snapshot, 2015 edition


Further information

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