Planning Scheme Policy (PSP) Amendment 2

On October 28, 2020 Mackay Regional Council adopted PSP amendment 2 which will commence on November 9, 2020.

The purpose and general effect of PSP amendment 2 is make or amend the following four PSP’s. A summary of the changes to each PSP is as follows:

PSP – Open space

The amendments are predominantly formatting and structural changes and strengthening referencing to PSP - landscape. One change removes a statement which incorrectly listed a minimum 1.5 ha area for a district recreational park, where the adopted minimum area stated elsewhere is 3 ha.

Download the finalised PSP - open space.

PSP – Stormwater Drainage Design

Minor adjustments to the PSP – stormwater drainage design to reflect modern requirements, include:

  • Referencing to specifications, drawings and other Council documents (e.g. Policies and the Guidelines for the preparation of Flood and Stormwater Drainage Studies), Queensland Urban Drainage Manual (QUDM) and Australian Rainfall and Runoff (ARR);
  • Lawful point of discharge amended to reflect QUDM;
  • Minor pipe system requirements for residential development (low to medium density) amended as per Discussion Paper and in line with QUDM for balance of development categories;
  • Fraction impervious included from former PSP for stormwater contributions;
  • Updates to Pit Design, Natural Channel Design and cross sections for open channels;
  • Preparation of Severe Storm Impact Statements as recommended in the Queensland Floods Commission of Inquiry (e.g. for major drainage system without overland flow component)

Download the finalised PSP - Stormwater drainage design.

PSP – Water and sewerage (CTM Water Alliance)

The PSP – water and sewerage (CTM Water Alliance) sets the requirements for the design of water and sewerage infrastructure and replaces the PSP – sewer system design and the PSP – water supply design.

It incorporates the “CTM Water Alliance Design and Construction Code” (CTM code) which was jointly prepared by the Cairns, Townsville and Mackay Councils and contains variations to the SEQ Water Supply Sewerage Design and Construction Code.  The benefit of a combined PSP is to align requirements across northern Queensland Councils to better assist asset owners and development industry. The three Councils will adopt the same version of the CTM code to ensure consistency.

The CTM code has previously been through informal consultation with the development industry and was sent to the local development industry in January 2020 to use on a voluntary basis to transition to the new code.

Download the finalised PSP - water and sewerage (CTM Water Alliance).

PSP – Landscape

This PSP - landscape replaces the existing PSP – landscape and the Landscape Performance, Procedures and Style Manual for Development Applications 2007 (landscape style manual).

The proposed PSP covers landscaping requirements for recreational parks, streetscapes and landscape buffers.

Download the finalised PSP - landscape.

This PSP is supported by the List of furniture and materials and List of plant species guidance documents. These guidance documents both list current acceptable items and have been developed using an existing list of street trees under the PSP – landscape and standard furniture items under the Landscape style manual.

Download the finalised List of furniture and materials and List of plant species.

Public consultation

Public consultation on the proposed amendment was undertaken from September 1, 2020, until September 30, 2020. No properly made submissions were received.


For enquiries or further details please contact Council’s Strategic Planning Program on 1300 622 529 or email