Mackay City Planning Scheme Policies

A CD of the Mackay City Planning Scheme and Policies can be made available for purchase.  To ensure information is current copies of CD's are not kept and must be ordered.

1 - Bushfire Management (PDF 97.6 KB)

2 - Child Care Centre (PDF 82.2 KB)

4 - Master Plan (PDF 81.4 KB)

7 - Erosion Prone Area (PDF 77.0 KB)

10 - Landscape Character (PDF 242.8 KB)

11 - Landscaping (PDF 106.5 KB)

12 - Open Space (PDF 379.8 KB)

14 - Reference Documents (PDF 140.6 KB)

15.02 - Pavement Design (PDF 133.7 KB)

15.06 - Site Regrading (PDF 99.5 KB)

15.11 - Landscape (PDF 2.7 MB)

Mackay Regional Council Adopted Infrastructure Charges Resolution

The State Government has introduced maximum Adopted Infrastructure Charges Resolutions (AICR) under a State Planning Regulatory Provision (SPRP). Council has an Adopted Infrastructure Charges Resolution in place, which applies to new development applications.

Contribution Policies - Indexed Contribution Rates (ICR)

Indexed planning scheme contribution policies applies to applications approved prior to July 2011.  The Adopted Infrastructure Charges Regime applies to new applications.

Indexed Contribution Rates are updated quarterly. Refer to the Planning Scheme Policies for detailed terms and conditions. (Contribution Policies 16.01 - 16.04 as above)