Proposed Mackay City Planning Scheme Amendments

In accordance with Part 2 of Schedule 1 of the Integrated Planning Act 1997 (IPA), Mackay Regional Council hereby provides public notice of the following proposed amendments to the Mackay City Planning Scheme and invites written submissions on the proposed amendments:

Proposed Mackay City Scheme Amendments Number 1 of 2009

These amendments are proposed to amend acceptable solutions and assessment criteria relating to industrial lot sizes and multiple dwelling units; insert a high impact area for the Mackay Sugar Wastewater Ponds, amend reference to self assessable development relating to roadworks, amend the zone of two lots and other minor amendments.

These amendments are detailed in the following documents:

Draft Mackay City Consolidated Planning Scheme

The proposed amendments are also shown in draft extracts of Mackay City Consolidated Planning Scheme for ease of reference.

The extracts contain the following Parts / Divisions of the Mackay City Consolidated Planning Scheme :

  • Part 1, Division 3- Planning Scheme Structural Elements
  • Part 4, Division 15- Overall Outcomes, Specific Outcomes and Probable and Acceptable Solutions for the Special Activities (City) Zone
  • Part 5, Division 3- Assessment Categories and Relevant Assessment Criteria for Making a Material Change of Use- Mackay Frame Locality
  • Part 6, Division 3- Assessment Tables for each Zone in the Mackay Hinterland Locality- Making a Material Change of Use
  • Part 9, Division9- Environment and Infrastructure Code
  • Part 9, Division 16- Multiple Dwelling Units, Accommodation Units and Dual Occupancy Code
  • Part 9, Division 19- Reconfiguration of a Lot Code

For enquiries about the proposed Mackay City Planning Scheme Amendments, visit Council’s web site, or contact Customer Service on 1300 622 529 or send an email to