Mirani Shire Plan

The Consolidated Mirani Shire Plan provides a framework for managing development in a way that advances the purpose of the IPA by:

  • Identifying assessable and self assessable development; and
  • Identifying outcomes sought to be achieved in the local government area as the context for assessing development.

Mirani Shire Plan

The following adopted amendments have not been incorporated into the current Consolidated Mirani Shire Plan. Please refer to the below document for all relevant changes:

The Consolidated Mirani Shire Plan and maps are listed below:

Scheme Maps

Click here to view scheme maps

Superseded Mirani Shire Plan

The Mirani Shire Plan (Gazetted 9 July 2007) (PDF 2.8 MB)

Map 11 - Town of Eungella (PDF 116.5 KB) (Gazetted 9 July 2007)

Map 22 - Crediton (PDF 145.5 KB) (Gazetted 9 July 2007)

Mackay Regional Council Adopted Infrastructure Charges Resolution

The State Government has introduced maximum Adopted Infrastructure Charges Resolutions (AICR) under a State Planning Regulatory Provision (SPRP). Council has an Adopted Infrastructure Charges Resolution in place, which applies to new development applications.

Contribution Policies - Indexed Contribution Rates (ICR)

Indexed planning scheme contribution policies applies to applications approved prior to July 2011.  The Adopted Infrastructure Charges Regime applies to new applications.

Indexed Contribution Rates are updated quarterly. Refer to the Planning Scheme Policies for detailed terms and conditions. (Mirani Water & Sewerage Contribution Policy No. 1)