Proposed Mirani Shire Planning Scheme Amendments

There are no current Amendments proposed.

Mirani Shire Plan Amendments Number 1 of 2007

Mackay Regional Council adopted the Mirani Shire Plan Amendments Number 1 of 2007, with modifications, at its Council meeting on 14 October 2009.  The Planning Scheme Amendments Number 1 of 2007 were gazetted on 13 November 2009.  Council also resolved to adopt a Consolidated Planning Scheme for Mirani Shire (gazetted on 13 November 2009).

These amendments were made to correct typographical and other minor errors, introduce a new Tourism Zone, delete or amend provisions for the Dwelling House, Dependant Person’s Accommodation and Multiple Dwelling Units Codes, amend and introduce new administrative and use definitions and undertake various rezonings.

Refer to the schedule "Proposed Mirani Planning Scheme Amendments 1 of 2007" below for a description of all proposed amendments adopted on 14 October 2009.