Regional Sustainability Strategy

The next phase in shaping our future

Over the past 10 years, Mackay has undergone substantial change. We have become one of the fastest growing regions in Queensland and while this has provided benefits to our community, we are also feeling the effects of this change.

Mackay's' rapid growth has been a direct response to a buoyant mining industry in central Queensland and while this has introduced new opportunities, we have found as a region we have been living beyond our means. During this period of high growth, council has invested heavily in supporting infrastructure right across our council area, wherever the growth was occurring.

But in providing the services to our community, that supporting growth on all fronts is simply not sustainable. We cannot continue to increase rates to fund unsustainable growth because we also need to fund the maintenance and replacement of our existing $3 billion asset base and of course continue to provide the services our community wants.

We live in a unique, beautiful region and council places a high value on the environment and acting sustainably in the way we live. This is why we have developed Regional Sustainability Strategy (RSS). The RSS seeks to align our land use planning, to the provision of timely infrastructure and the funding levers necessary to realise the vision of our community of a sustainable, vibrant region.