From the Mayor/CEO

Having a region that is prosperous, vibrant and diverse is important to Mackay  Regional Council. We need to make decisions now, so that our current  and future  generations have an affordable region to live, work and enjoy into the future.  It's important that Mackay has a sense of place and well-being that reflects what  Mackay is about. By developing a strategy that is focused on the regions  sustainability, we will get alignment across what is really  needed for our  current population and what we can afford for the future.

We understand that business as usual is no longer affordable and we are determined to implement a growth pattern that allows us to keep rates down.

Our objective is to provide a region where communities will feel safe, live healthy and active lives, have a diversity of work and living opportunities. To do this, we need to have infrastructure in place that meets the needs our growing region.

We need a more efficient delivery of critical infrastructure such as water, sewerage, roads and drainage.

Today, Mackay has the opportunity to get the vision right for the future. We will develop this vision through the Regional Sustainability Strategy.

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