What does growth look like for Mackay?

In 2011 Mackay's population was 121,397. In three years the region has grown by almost 10,000 people and is forecast to grow from a population of approximately 130,000 in 2014 to 187,367 over the next 20 years. Mackay Regional Council plays a pivotal role in supporting this growth through a well drafted Planning Scheme and alignment of the essential infrastructure necessary to support this growth.

With this growth, council has continued to deliver services across the region, investing in significant infrastructure throughout the region. Areas like Northern Beaches, Ooralea and Paget (industrial) have expanded over the last five years, each requiring extensive infrastructure that has largely been funded by council.

How council is able to continue to deliver these services in the future now relies on smart and strategic decision making, planned infrastructure and building solid relationships with our stakeholders, particularly the development industry. Like many of us today, we have to reduce our expenses and make changes to our lifestyles that we have never had to do before.

How the region has grown



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