Our Community - A Blueprint for Growth

rss-documentThe RSS recognises the importance to the region of providing a consistent supply of land for major industry.

This strategy has been created involving councillors, a Steering Committee and Project Team. Our executive and senior officers have worked collaboratively to prepare this Strategy. Specialist consultants worked closely with the Steering Committee and Project Team Members, to provide independent advice to assist our staff in doing business smarter.

The outcome has been a significant shift in prioritising where we deliver our infrastructure and services for the community and how we provide for future growth in a sustainable way.

Through this extensive process it was abundantly clear that "business as usual" is not affordable. We need to get smarter on where growth can occur and how infrastructure can be delivered in an affordable way.

Identified growth areas will support more efficient infrastructure and help keep rates down.

Amendments are being proposed to ensure the region's planning is more sustainable and details on the proposed amendments to the draft Planning Scheme is available.

The revised Draft Scheme will deliver:

  • Sufficient growth for the next 10-15 years through expanding the capacity of  its Priority Infrastructure Area (growth areas);
  • Sequencing our  major infrastructure projects with ability to fund the level of services required;
  • Clearly defining where future growth for industry and residential growth might occur.

Council will continue to understand how it can be more sustainable. This will require good decision making, smarter ways of doing business and the communities support to deliver these outcomes.

Download the Shaping Our Community - A Blueprint for Growth (PDF 2.88MB)

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