Mackay floodplain and management plan

Flooding is a naturally occurring phenomenon and Council have taken a leading role in floodplain management in the Mackay region. A flood hazard assessment was completed across the region which identified riverine flooding from the Pioneer River as the greatest risk to the region in terms of flood hazards. To better understand and mitigate this risk, MRC commissioned the completion of a Floodplain Management Plan. The Floodplain Management Plan is the key project to identify and deliver priority flood and risk assessment projects.

The Floodplain Management Plan represents the largest and technically most complex project MRC has undertaken in the field of flood risk management and will be prepared in two volumes.

Volume 1: Flood Study Update

Volume 1 is a technical report that updates three existing flood studies over the region to bring them in line with current ARR2019 industry standards. The objective of the project is to define the physical characteristics of flood hazards across the floodplain for a range of probabilities.

Volume 2: Floodplain Risk Management Study

Volume 2 will use the information from volume 1 to better define and understand flood risk over the floodplain in line with Australian Institute of Disaster Resilience guidance. The study will identify options to mitigate the highest priority risks.

The project is currently in preliminary draft phase and undergoing expert external third party review.