Mackay City Centre Local Area Plan

City Centre Strategy

Planning for a vibrant, accessible and prosperous Mackay City Centre

Mackay is the regional centre for the broader Mackay Isaac Whitsunday region, and is a significant regional capital for commercial, residential, business, educational and industrial services in northern Australia. Council is committed to increasing the liveability of the region, and diversifying and strengthening the regional economy to create a vibrant, prosperous and diverse city and region for future generations.

The Mackay City Centre will continue to play an important role in the region by accommodating a highly diverse and intensely developed mix of residential and non-residential activities within a more sustainable, consolidated, cohesive and compact urban environment.

The Mackay City Centre Strategy and urban design principles document is the supporting document that underpins the strategies and provisions of the Mackay City Centre local plan code, contained within the Mackay Region Planning Scheme 2017.

The Mackay City Centre Local Plan seeks to:

  • strengthen the role and function of the City Centre as the principal centre for the Mackay Isaac Whitsunday region, accommodating the largest and most diverse mix of high-order activities
  • strengthen the character and amenity of Victoria Street as the traditional “main street” and focal point of the City Centre
  • strengthen, promote and enhance the City Centre’s relationship with, and connection to, the Pioneer River
  • achieve a highly liveable, accessible, connected and integrated City Centre with a strong sense of character and identity

Mackay City Centre Strategy and Urban Design Principles

Further information and development enquiries in relation to the Mackay City Centre Local Plan can be directed towards Development Services by contacting  council on 1300 622 529, by sending an email to (for strategic planning matters) or lodging a development enquiry via

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