Upcoming tenders

This list of potential contracts below is subject to change at any time. Council does not guarantee that any of the Projects listed will proceed and reserves the right to alter or cancel any of the projects at its discretion.  For more information on Council's procurement framework, please refer to Council's Procurement Policy - POL-66.005.

Projects issued as tenders will be issued via Qtender, please register with QTender and monitor for the tender’s release, please register on QTender to receive automatic email notifications, or contact the Contracts team at contracts@mackay.qld.gov.au.

Please note that proposed advertisement dates are subject to change.

Preferred  Supplier Arrangements for the Hire of Plant and Equipment with Operator July to Sept 2021
Provision of Air Conditioning Services July to Sept 2021
Preferred  Supplier Arrangements for the supply and delivery of Timber, Logs and Sheeting July to Sept 2021
Preferred  Supplier Arrangements for the Hire of Traffic ControllersJuly to Sept 2021
Kelsey Creek Water treatment FacilityJuly to Sept 2021
Habana Park Toilets Public Amenities Renewal July to Sept 2021
Emergent Bridge Repair Works July to Sept 2021
Mt Oscar Reservoir Bypass PipeworkJuly to Sept 2021
Oak Street Andergrove Drainage RestorationJuly to Sept 2021
Maintenance Hole  Renewals ProgramJuly to Sept 2021
Gooseponds and Seaforth Creek Bank StabilisationJuly to Sept 2021
Raw Water Analysers Replacement & RenewalsJuly to Sept 2021
Sewerage Pump Station Refurbishment \ Renewals ProgramJuly to Sept 2021
North View Park Multisport ProjectJuly to Sept 2021
Water Main Upgrade Phillip St  Mt. PleasantJuly to Sept 2021
Public Amenities MaintenanceJuly to Sept 2021
Bridge Rehabilitation ProgramOct - Dec 2021
Water Services Telemetry UpgradesOct - Dec 2021
Greenmount Homestead, Dam RepairsOct - Dec 2021
Water Pump Station Upgrades \ Improvements - FY21/22Oct - Dec 2021
Sugarshed Rd Bus ShelterOct - Dec 2021
Regional Disinfection Facility Upgrade Program 21-22Oct - Dec 2021
Botanic Gardens Vine ShowcaseOct - Dec 2021
Marian Reservoir Temporary TankOct - Dec 2021
Parks Play Equipment DecommissioningOct - Dec 2021
The Dome Northern Terrace Shade StructureOct - Dec 2021
Mackay Bus Station - Bus Set downOct - Dec 2021
Seaforth Esplanade - Stages 1 to 4Oct - Dec 2021
Bus Service Improvement Program 21-22Jan - Mar 2021
Local Road Accessibility Program 21-22Jan - Mar 2021
Blacks Beach Reservoirs RefurbishmentJan - Mar 2021
Parks Amenity Block DecommissioningJan - Mar 2021
Culvert Rehabilitation WorksJan - Mar 2021
Water Main Renewal Peak Downs Highway, AlexandriaJan - Mar 2021
Marian Reservoir RefurbishmentJan - Mar 2021
Mirani Reservoir RefurbishmentJan - Mar 2021
Hogans Pocket Landfill Facility, Stormwater ManagementJan - Mar 2021
The Dome Roof RenewalJan - Mar 2021
Parks Play Equipment & Furniture RenewalJan - Mar 2021
Mackay CBD Water Network Flow & Pressure MonitoringJan - Mar 2021
Mt Bassett SPS Odour Control ReplacementJan - Mar 2021
Nebo Rd Water Treatment Plant, Filter Media ReplacementJan - Mar 2021
Shared Path Renewal WorksApril - June 2022
Mt Pleasant Reservoir No.2 RefurbishmentApril - June 2022