Upcoming tenders

This list of potential contracts below is subject to change at any time. Council does not guarantee that any of the Projects listed will proceed and reserves the right to alter or cancel any of the projects at its discretion.  For more information on Council's procurement framework, please refer to Council's Procurement Policy - POL-66.005.

Projects issued as tenders will be issued via Qtender, please register with QTender and monitor for the tender’s release, please register on QTender to receive automatic email notifications, or contact the Contracts team at contracts@mackay.qld.gov.au.

Please note that proposed advertisement dates are subject to change.

Stadium - Installation of Field NettingJanuary to March 2021
Sewerage Pump Station Refurbishment \ Renewals - FY20/21January to March 2021
MECC - Fire system design and installJanuary to March 2021
DBR - Bank Protection Canberra St, North Mackay January to March 2021
DRFA - Flood Warning Infrastructure NetworkJanuary to March 2021
Milton/Archibald Intersection UpgradeJanuary to March 2021
Sarina Pool - AmenitiesJanuary to March 2021
Greenmount Homestead, Dam RepairsJanuary to March 2021
Sydney St WMR Renewal, River St to Shakespeare StJanuary to March 2021
Mt Oscar Reservoir Refurbishment January to March 2021
WPS - Booster Station Upgrades \ Improvements January to March 2021
Bridge Rehabilitation works  – various packagesJanuary to March 2021
Passenger Transport Accessible Infrastructure ProgramJanuary to March 2021
Victoria Street Long Distance Bus Shelter FacilityJanuary to March 2021
Botanic Gardens Banyan Playground RevitalisationJanuary to March 2021
Mt Bassett Cemetery - DrainageJanuary to March 2021
Mackay South Water Recycling Facility, Upgrade DisinfectionJanuary to March 2021
Koumala Reservoir Roof ReplacementJanuary to March 2021
Permanent Shade Structures - Eimeo Esplanade parkJanuary to March 2021
Walker-Finn Rd Bridge, Pinnacle, Bridge RehabilitationJanuary to March 2021
Hogans Pocket Landfill, Cell 1 Batter Chute RepairsJanuary to March 2021
River Street Service Road & Riverside Improvements, Mackay WaterfrontJanuary to March 2021
Medical ExaminerJanuary to March 2021
Preferred Supplier Arrangements- Supply and Delivery of Chemicals & Janitorial Products
& Herbicides,Insecticides, Fertilisers & Vector Control Chemicals
January to March 2021
Preferred Supplier Arrangements – Supply and Delivery of Quarry MaterialsJanuary to March 2021
Preferred Supplier Arrangements – Supply and Delivery of Plant and Equipment without OperatorJanuary to March 2021
MECC CateringJanuary to March 2021
Mackay North Water Recycling Facility Inlet Works BypassApril to June 2021
Paul St SPS Odour ControlApril to June 2021
Workshop ConsumablesApril to June 2021
Air Conditioning ServicesApril to June 2021