2020 Struddys NQ Sportstar Awards

The North Queensland Sports Foundation is calling for nominations for our region's best sport and active recreation volunteers. The awards celebrate the efforts of our regional volunteers, particularly under these trying circumstances to support a return to sport and active recreation.

The pandemic has impacted the majority of sports cancelling state, national and international competition. As a result the NQ Sportstar Awards is unable to be delivered in its full format in 2020.

The 2020 NQ Sportstar Service to Sport Award will be slightly different this year. Ordinarily the NQ Sportstar Awards includes only one Service to Sport category. This year we are offering three Senior Service to NQ Sport Awards and one Junior Volunteer of the Year Award.

The Senior Service to NQ Sport Awards will be segmented into sub categories being large, medium and small council member regions. The Junior Volunteer of the Year will be selected across all council members.

Nominations close at 5pm on Sunday, October 18.

Click here to nominate.