Event preparation and safety

As part of your Temporary Entertainment Event permit application, you need to provide documentation of event preparation and safety including a risk management plan and safety risk assessments in crowded places - terrorism.

The Australian Government Safe and Healthy Crowded Places Handbook provides guidelines on the number of rubbish bins and public toilets that are required for events, amongst other considerations.

These guidelines are referenced in council’s Temporary Entertainment Event - Guide for Applicants.


Event amenities

As part of your Temporary Entertainment Event Permit you are required to supply an adequate number of toilets, sanitary conveniences and waste receptacles for the use of members of the public attending the event.

Find out the requirements for the provision of bins and toilets for your event in the Temporary
Entertainment Event - Guide for Applicants

Bins, toilets and waste water pods (for food vendors) can be ordered from local contractors.

Some events may be eligible to apply for inkind assistance for the provision of bins.


RISK and safety resources

Risk is an important consideration when planning and managing an event. All event organisers should develop a risk management plan to identify all event risks and hazards and detail relevant control measures to mitigate the risks.

The Queensland Government has a range of event templates, including a risk management plan available on their website.

The Australian Government has developed a strategy for protecting crowded places from terrorism. Please refer to this information as part of your risk planning for the event.


Emergency management

In planning your event, it is essential to manage security and plan for emergency management. Different types, scale and scope of events require different levels of security and emergency planning.

An emergency and evacuation plan may be required for your Temporary Entertainment Event Permit application. The scale and detail of your emergency and evacuation plan will depend on the size and risk of the event.

As a general guide it should include:

  • emergency and disaster planning and preparedness
  • hazard identification and mitigation
  • emergency response
  • evacuation plan, including means of escape
  • access for emergency vehicles

The Australian Government have implemented a strategy for protecting crowded places from terrorism (including hostile vehicles). The Australia's Strategy for Protecting Crowded Places from Terrorism guides owners and operators of crowded places and event organisers to safeguard people and places potentially at risk from terrorism. It is advised that all event organisers conduct a safety risk assessment for crowded places. For more information on these strategies please click here.


Event accessibility

The fundamental requirement for an inclusive festival is a willingness to provide equal or alternative access for all patrons. These guidelines outline the kinds of accessibility measures that you could consider in your planning. If a measure seems likely to be important, but your resources do not allow for it, workable alternative solutions should be sought.

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