Temporary road closure(s)

For certain festivals and events, it may be appropriate or desirable to close part or all, of the road to ensure public safety and/or to modify parking/loading restrictions in the event area.

If you wish to close a road, lane or council car park/parking bay, you must contact council at a minimum of three months before the event (major road closures may require six months’ notice) to obtain a Temporary Road Closure permit.

How to apply for a temporary road closure(s)

All applications must be made on the required form (Application for Temporary Road Closure) and include:

  • Current Certificate of Currency for Public Liability Insurance, nominating Mackay Regional Council as an interested party for a minimum value of $20 Million
  • Signed Indemnity
  • Relevant fee payable. Traffic Management Plan assessments Fees and charges are available here
  • Details of the accredited Traffic Controller registered under the Traffic Management Registration Scheme responsible for erecting and dismantling required signage and barricades
  • A letter signed by all affected residents or business operators within the area of the proposed road closure (for works and events that are likely to cause an unreasonable level of inconvenience); Click here for things to consider to minimise disruption to stakeholders.
  • Event traffic management plan (including a traffic guidance scheme) developed by an accredited person registered under the Traffic Management Registration Scheme Click here for more information on your event traffic management plan requirements.
  • Parking Management Plan (for events expected to attract visitors or participants of more than 500 persons at any one time);
  • Procedure to enable Emergency Services to gain access to and through the area of temporary road closure;
    (applicable to event organisers);
  • Risk management plan - to identify any hazards and implement controls for people arriving and leaving the event;
  • Approvals from relevant agencies (if applicable) such as Queensland Department of Main Roads, Queensland Police (QPS), Translink and Mackay Taxi.

Other approvals

Approval from the Queensland Department of Main Roads will be required for events on or impacting a state-controlled road, and Queensland Police (QPS) must also approve road closures or traffic management activities before closures can commence. Council's “Letter of No Objection” is required prior to obtaining the Police Permit.

If the closure affects bus routes and taxi ranks or the event has an expected attendance of greater than 5,000 person, then Queensland Department of Main Roads, Translink and Mackay Taxi will need to be notified and/or consulted with regard to provision of public transport services to and from the event.

Once all the closure approvals are obtained you are required to submit a copy of the road closure permit, traffic management plan and supporting documents to Council’s Health and Regulatory Section as part of your event’s Temporary Entertainment Event Permit (council@mackay.qld.gov.au).

Please be aware, even if your event doesn’t have any road closures, you may still be required to obtain an event traffic management plan. Click here to determine whether your event requires an event traffic management plan and what are the requirements.

Approval to temporarily close a road

A Letter of No Objection will be issued from council to the applicant subject to:

For more information on temporary road closures and the application process please click here or please contact council’s Transport and Investigation section on 1300 MACKAY (622 529).

Please note - No applicant is guaranteed approval of their temporary road closure. Approval is at the sole discretion of council.

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