National Trust Queensland Heritage Festival – 3D tour

Each year, National Trusts across Australia participate in the Australian Heritage Festival.

Communities and organisations from far and wide host unique heritage events to showcase all aspects of Australia’s cultural heritage during the festival.

The theme for the 2021 Australian Heritage Festival is Our Heritage for the Future and the event takes place from April 18 to May 19.

Greenmount Homestead’s stunning heritage listed gardens played an important role in the lives of the Cook family and their staff. As part of the Heritage Festival and using exciting new technology, we’ve created an immersive 3D tour that allows you to experience the gardens like never before!

The story of the Greenmount gardens is shared through photographs taken from the extensive archive left by the Cook family, and showcases the story of the gardens’ past, present and future.  Join us online from April 18 to virtually visit the homestead’s gardens, no reservations required!

3d tour


  1. To enter the tour, click the link:
  2. Once inside the tour, you can navigate the space in different ways.  The toolbar in the bottom left corner will let you explore the 3D space as an immersive environment or switch to a top-down dollhouse view.
  3. When exploring the 3D space, click the circles on the ground to move along the path.
  4. To explore the points on interest on the tour in either mode, click the blue and white markers.
  5. To explore markers with images, do the following:
    1. When the image comes up, click on it again – that will expand the image.
    2. You can show or hide the text on images by clicking the arrow in the upper right-hand corner of the image.
    3. To exit the image and return to the tour, click the X in the upper right-hand corner.
  6. To explore markers with text, do the following:
    1. Scroll up and down by pulling the bar on the right-hand side of the box up or down.
    2. To exit the text box, click anywhere else on the screen outside of the text box.