Frequently asked questions

Cycling in Mackay

Cycling in Mackay can be a great way to get around. With our flat landscape and beautiful Queensland weather, cycling can keep us fit and healthy, save us time and money and reduce our impact on the environment too. Please find below answers to frequently asked questions on cycling in the Mackay region.

Is there somewhere I can shower before work?

If you're thinking about cycling to work and you work in the Mackay City Centre, why not make use of one of our two bicycle parking facilities. You can be confident knowing your bike is safe and also have a shower before heading into work.

How can I fit cycling into my regular schedule?

Did you know cycling can actually be a faster mode of transport than driving a car, especially in congested areas during peak travel times? The table below shows how long it takes the average person to cycle different distances:

(Easy cycle)
(Fast cycle)
(Easy Walk)
(Fast Walk)
14 mins2 mins10 mins7.5 mins
28 mins4 mins20 mins15 mins
312 mins6 mins30 mins22.5 mins
416 mins8 mins40 mins30 mins
520 mins10 mins50 mins37.5 mins
1040 mins20 mins1hr 40min1hr 15mins

Why not try it for yourself - choose a route that you regularly drive and see how long it takes you to cycle.

Where can I park my bike safely?

Council provides bike racks throughout the region - check out our Mackay City Centre map for bike rack locations in the city. For added security, why not try one of the secure bicycle parking facilities.

How can I build my riding confidence?

Join one of Mackay's social riding groups to build up your fitness and gain confidence riding on the road. You can also plan your route using our "off-road" bicycle paths including the Bluewater Trail, Gooseponds or Cross City Link bicycle pathways, and choose smaller local streets over busier main roads. Maps for these paths can be found here.

Where can I go for a good ride?

The Mackay region has some fantastic scenic bicycle paths including the Bluewater Trail, the Gooseponds and the Cross City Link. Maps for these paths can be found here.