The primary purpose of the Bluewater trail is to facilitate pedestrian and cyclist-friendly activities that can be enjoyed anytime during the day or night.

The 21-kilometre trek, which takes in much of the region’s natural beauty, aims to build a healthier community through access to environments that encourage physical activities.

The Mackay Regional Botanic Gardens host regular Tai-chi, yoga and fitness sessions, while the Sandfly Creek environmental walk and nearby Iluka Park is popular with walkers and owners of dogs.

The Bluewater trail also recognises cultural diversity within the region. A signage plan has now been implemented, providing users with information on the indigenous and cultural heritage of the region, way-finding signs and world-class public art. Designed by renowned artist Fiona Foley, the trail includes six original and eye-catching pieces of public art, with each iconic artwork holding special significant to the local community.

The $2 million public art initiative includes:

Sugar Cubes - to symbolise the importance of the sugar industry and the South Sea islander men and women. Some of the descendants thumb prints are represented on the cubes.

Mangrove Cap - installed on the bank of the Pioneer River – this 9.5 metre structure reflects the region’s natural coastal environment and the environmental status of Sandfly Creek.

Shields – installed on the Bluewater Quay boardwalk. Three stones - honeystone, natural and zen – have been expertly cut to reproduce three shields originally belonging to the Yuibera people from Mackay.

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