A strong partnership with the Queensland and Federal Governments was critical in delivering the Bluewater trail to the community. Collaborative funding from the three levels of government and a willingness to enhance the liveability and physical activity of the region were key drivers leading to the development of the landmark 21-kilometre trail.

Ongoing liaison with council’s Mobility and Access Advisory Committee, Natural Environment Advisory committee and the Mackay Physical Activity Reference Group provided the community with a platform to address a range of issues.

The Mobility and Access Advisory Committee is council’s conduit with the community on issues of access, mobility and other matters relating to people with disabilities. The committee made recommendations on improving the access and ensuring shared pathways were part of the trail.

The Natural Environment Advisory Committee was critical in the preservation of the natural vegetation along the trail and assisted in identifying the environmental aspects of the project.

Through the Natural Environment Advisory Committee's recommendation and via funding from council’s Environmental Levy, the Sandfly Creek Environmental walk was constructed.

The Sandfly Creek Environmental Reserve has high conservation values and is home to many important shorebird species.  Interpretive signs are being installed so trail users can learn about shorebirds and the environmental values of the area.

Key sections of the trail have been constructed by long-term unemployed indigenous people through Queensland Government jobs initiatives.

A total of 25 participants completed construction certificates during their work on the project.

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