To report a traffic safety issue or emergency

Please contact Queensland Police.

Report a e-scooter being left in an unsafe area or an incident

Call Beamon 1300 507 676 (toll free), visit (recommended) or alternatively email

Should you like the to provide feedback during the trial period, please complete the below form.

Safety rules

For riders' safety, they must:

  • be at least 16 years old, or 12 years old with adult supervision
  • wear an approved bicycle helmet, that is securely fitted, at all times (unless an exemption has been granted for medical or religious reasons)
  • not carry passengers
  • not use a mobile device
  • not drink and ride
  • have a working flashing or steady white light on the front, and a red light and reflector at the rear when travelling at night or in hazardous conditions.

When riding on a path, riders must:

  • keep left and give way to pedestrians
  • travel at a speed that allows you to stop safely to avoid colliding with a pedestrian
  • travel at a safe distance from a pedestrian so you can avoid a collision
  • keep left of oncoming bicycles and other personal mobility devices