Looking for financial assistance to help towards the cost of team levies, registration, uniforms, travel and other costs?

Grants program

The aim of this program is to provide assistance to local community groups/organisations who make positive contributions to the quality of life in the Local Government area. Grants are offered three times each year. Applications close on the first Friday in February, April and Spetember.

Junior sporting grants

There are also junior sporting grants available for individuals and clubs. This program provides financial assistance toward the cost of team levies, registration, uniforms, travel and other costs associated with junior sports persons participating in national and international competitions.

In-kind assistance

Another form of assistance council offers is in the form of in-kind. Any community group seeking this form of assistance will need to complete an application. Forms and guidelines are available from the council website or by contacting council. For more information, please contact Community Development. For assistance with the application, contact Recreation Services.

Please note, if your club has a council lease you will need to obtain land owners consent for any proposed works from council’s Property Services program. This consent will assist the club with funding applications.