Incorporation and Licences


How does our club become incorporated?

Contact the Office of Fair Trading

To incorporate, you must convene a general meeting of your unincorporated association (with at least 7 members) and complete each of the following steps

  • propose a resolution to become an incorporated association and pass the resolution with a ¾ majority of the vote;
  • choose a name for your incorporated association (containing only English characters with the word ‘Incorporated’ or the abbreviation ‘Inc.’ at the end of the name);
  • adopt a set of operating rules (you may use model rules or you can write your own rules);
  • elect a management committee (minimum of three members, usually including a president, treasurer and secretary);
  • lodge an application for incorporation of an association or by downloading an application form from the website and pay a fee of $158.55 at time of lodgement (normal processing time is 3-4 weeks).

Food and Liquor Licence

Does our club require a Food Business Licence?

The Food Act 2006 (the Act) replaced the Food Act 1981 and with that came a number of changes.

In particular, certain food businesses became exempt from licensing requirements, in particular non-profit organisations.

However, the Act states that a non-profit organisation requires a Food Business Licence only when it sells meals on at least twelve (12) days each financial year.

Please be advised of the following definitions for a "non-profit organisation" and "meal":-

  • Non-profit organisation - distributes all of the money raised to a charitable, cultural, educational, political, social welfare, sporting or recreational purpose and does not provide a benefit for any individual member or person.
  • Meal - food that is intended to be consumed sitting down with cutlery at a table or other fixed structure and is of adequate substance to be ordinarily considered a meal.

In this regard it has been identified that most sporting and recreational non-profit organisations may no longer be required to meet the licensing requirements of the Food Act 2006.

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How does our club obtain a liquor licence?

Contact Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation -

Your club will need:

  • A fully completed application form
  • Completed personal details schedule for each individual who is a party to the application
  • Prescribed application fee including fee for Criminal History Check
  • Layout plan (scale 1:100)
  • Location plan
  • Town planning consent
  • Certificate of Title
  • Registered Plan of Survey
  • Risk Assessed Management Plan
  • Community impact statement
  • Constitution, minutes of meetings, financial statements

NOTE: Your club will need council to sign a section of the form, please contact Property Service.