Leasing and Licence Agreements

New applicants

If your club is interested in leasing land/premises from council you will need to complete an Application to Lease Council Owned or Managed Property.

Once completed please return the completed application including all required information, to the Sport & Recreation Program on: sport@mackay.qld.gov.au. The application will then be assessed based upon need and site availability.

Your club can also assist with identifying land that may be suitable by accessing MiMAPS.

Should you have identified land that may be suitable, contact Sport & Recreation to undertake further research into the tenure of the land identified.

As you would appreciate council has very limited land available therein it is recommended that consideration be given by your club in looking at established grounds where your club could co-exist and share facilities with other clubs. Sharing of existing facilities can assist in sourcing funding and sharing of costs.

Current leases

For existing lease holders below is a range of information which may assist in any queries you may have.

Should you have a question which is not covered please do not hesitate in emailing council’s Lease Officer at: leases@mackay.qld.gov.au

Consent advice

It is a condition of all council lease agreements that council consent is required prior to any works commencing on its leased land.

Simply write to council’s Property Services program (email is sufficient) and provide information as to the works proposed including size, design, materials used, proposed location within your lease area and any drawings if you have them.  Property Services will then assess the proposed works and subject to the works being in line with the lease purpose, it will then provide you with a letter of consent for the proposed works.

Leases up-date contact information form

Communication between council and your club is vital, please ensure you notify council of any changes to your contact details and your executive committee.

Lease renewal

Approximately six months prior to the expiry of your lease, your club needs to write to the Property Services program notifying your intention to either renew or terminate your club’s lease agreement.  Property Services can then commence all necessary actions.


Fencing of any lease area is generally not supported by council. Leases with fields and/or open space areas are to be made available for use by the general public, when not being utilised by your club. Non-restrictive fencing such as installation of bollards or low fencing with access gaps or similar vehicle restricting fencing may be considered.

Your club must not install any fencing of any kind on the lease area without first having sought and obtained the consent of council.

The costs of installation of any agreed fencing shall be solely borne by your club.

Shipping containers

Shipping containers usage on leased land is generally not supported, preference is given to construction of a garage or shed facility this is considered visually more acceptable.

As with other building works and additions to take place on your lease area, consent for the placement of a shipping container is required by council.

All shipping containers are required to meet compliance by lodgement and completion of the necessary Permit of Building Works for a Class 10 Structure with a private building certifier at the cost of the lessee.

Shipping containers cannot be placed on council land until consent and compliance has been satisfied and received.


Prior  to installation of any and all signage being constructed or erected upon your lease area permission must be first sought and obtained by council’s Property Services program as landlord in writing. Such council consent will not be unreasonably withheld.

Any consent, if provided, will be subject to specific conditions which may include completion and approval of a Sign Application as assessed by council’s Development Assessment program.

All costs incurred pertaining to the signage approval and installation shall be solely borne by your club.


It is a condition of your lease that your club hold current public liability insurance to a minimum of $20,000,000.  Your club is also required to provide council’s Property Services program with a copy of a Certificate of Currency on an annual basis as proof of your coverage when your insurance is renewed.