Human Library

Human Library

Mackay Regional Council Libraries has embraced this unique approach to sharing stories, as it aims to promote dialogue and encourage understanding of different cultures in a simple and engaging format. Just like a library where readers can borrow a book, the Human Library allows you to experience a real story told by our local Indigenous Elders and other community members through a Human eBook.

Mackay Regional Council Libraries have a large variety of e-resources available to borrow, to learn from and to enjoy. What's unique about these online eBooks is that you will be borrowing a real person with a story to share.

The Human Library is a safe and welcoming online space where people who may not normally meet can join in a respectful conversation about diversity and where difficult questions are expected, encouraged and answered.

All you need is access to a computer, laptop, tablet or phone to connect with our Human Library interviews.

Human Library was launched during NAIDOC 2020

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