Lamberts Beach Lookout and Ram Chandra Park


Lamberts Beach Lookout - Pacific Esplanade, Slade Point (Located before the road to the lookout)
Ram Chandra Park - Pacific Esplanade, Slade Point (Located on the southern side of the lookout)


At Lamberts Beach Lookout there are no public amenities and vehicle access to area through a gate is available for bridal cars only.

At the northern end of Ram Chandra Park there is off-street car parking and access to the beach via the boardwalk. The southern end provides public amenities, access to the beach and street parking.


  • Wedding Site 1 - Under the trees at Lamberts Beach Lookout where the natural combination of the rocks and ocean present a beautiful vista.
  • Wedding Site 2 - Walk up the slope at Lamberts Beach Lookout to the top of the grassy knoll with views of the ocean and islands in the distance.
  • Wedding Site 3 - At the entrance to Ram Chandra Park with large grassy area and easy access via the broadwalk to the rocky outcrop on the beach.
  • Wedding Site 4 - Located at the southern end of the park with spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean and a large grassed area.

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