Standard booking conditions

Fees and applications

All wedding ceremonies in Mackay Regional Council parks will incur a booking fee which covers use of the park for a period of one and a half hours and general maintenance of the site.

Any other fees incurred, such as chair hire and associated set up costs are the responsibility of the hirer. As council parks are for all residents and visitors, please consider the needs of other people who may be using the area.

An application form must be completed and payment of the booking fee is required prior to the booking being confirmed.


If you wish to take photographs in Mackay Regional Council parks, you may do so free of charge. However to ensure that the park isn’t being used by another wedding party, please advise us of your planned visit.

Remember if you intend to have your wedding ceremony in one of our parks you will need to complete an application form and pay the applicable fee.

Please do...

  • Remove all litter and leave the area in a clean and tidy condition
  • Control noise so that the noise level does not disturb the general public
  • Ensure your ceremony starts and ends at the times shown in your booking confirmation letter

Please don’t...

  • Throw confetti, rice, rose petals, balloons or streamers or other similar materials in the parks
  • Use glass containers for drinks
  • Drive vehicles into the park unless you have prior specific permission to do so