HabanaThe Nindaroo/ Habana, area is considered to have prestige acreage, and some of the elevated lots in streets such as Lynette Dr and Gardeners Rd, have spectacular, wide ocean views north to north as Cape Hillsborough.

The quiet lanes are nothing if not picturesque, the locals unflustered and the atmosphere relaxed.

The main road from Nindaroo winds past a hillside quarry before eventually entering the rural hamlet of Habana.

Charming hobby farms seem to appear at each new bend in the road and the unexpected sight of a herd of white Brahman cows is somehow strangely fitting. The surrounding hills form protected valleys, where green pastureland blankets the dales.

Nearby parks

Habana Park

978 Habana-Yakapari Road, Habana

Features: Spring rocker and BMX track