Crazy Birds and Other Words

An exhibition by Daryl Barnes with guest artists Glenda Truscott, Roy Huff, Kate Brunner, Irene Coburn and Donna Maree Robinson

Four years ago, Daryl Barnes wrote his first children’s book “Crazy Bird Stories”, combining his knowledge of Australian birdlife with his interest in education and passion for writing. Since then, he has published four more books, and this week, Daryl is excited to be exhibiting his works as part of Disability Action Month.

From September 9-20, you can view Crazy Birds and Other Words, at the Jubilee Community Centre. The exhibition features selections from Daryl’s published works, as well as paintings and artistic works from local artists. Daryl’s second book Crazy Bird Stories – Benny’s Dreamtime Adventure, was recently made into an animation, and will also be playing throughout the week.

Daryl says he is honored to have his work on display. “Mackay Regional Council have supported me from the very start, including an RADF grant for my first book, Crazy Bird Stories.”

As the president of the Birdlife Mackay, Daryl says he is driven in his pursuit of educating locals and children about the importance of native birds. “The harder you look at birds and the world they live in and what makes them tick, the more you want to learn about it because it’s so intriguing.

“Bird watching can be relaxing, take you to new places where you meet new and interesting people. A healthy native bird population indicates a healthy state of the environment,” Daryl says.

In July 2019, Daryl published his first non-fiction book Hello Cocky - an autobiographical series of poetry, recounting his life in from 1955-1996. He says his poetry writing commenced purely by chance. “I was asked to say a few words at my mother’s 90th birthday celebrations in 2009. Now I’m writing short stories in rhyming verse about a wide range of topics. I might get the inspiration to write about something at any time night or day and I’ll need to jot something down before it’s gone.”

Daryl say writing is all about determination and setting your mind to achieving your goal. “Get in and have a go whilst you can because tomorrow may be too late,” he says.

Disability Action Week is held annually in September and raises awareness of the importance of creating and supporting All Abilities communities.

Daryl says “Writing has helped as it distracts me from my health issues, which I find taxing on the quality of my life.“