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What are the risks?

What are the risks?

While the reef is beautiful and exciting, exploring the habitat comes with risks.

Always carry a first aid kit and wear enclosed shoes, sun safe shirt, hat and reef-safe sunscreen to protect yourself.

Not only can exploring our local area be fun, but it must be protected to prevent further damage.

Never touch any marine organisms to preserve their habitat.

Risks to people

  • Venomous marina animals
    • Stingrays - when stepped on, spine can cause extreme pain
    • Stonefish - dorsal spines capable of piercing skin
    • Scorpionfish
    • Jellyfish - discharge nematocysts which cause immediate pain
    • Urchin - spines can puncture skin and cause infection
  • Sun damage and sunburn

Risks to reef

  • Breakage - coral is extremely slow growing
  • Chemicals - be sure to wear a natural ingredient, reef-safe sunscreen. Some sunscreens contain chemicals that disrupt coral growth and reproduction leading to bleaching.