Indigenous collection 

Indigenous Collection
We are committed to improving access and equity for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples through library services and collections.  The Indigenous Collections are available at all library branches.

This collection aims to ensure:
* Aboriginal and Torres Strait collections, culture and traditions are represented in public library spaces;
* Continued identification of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island material within existing collections; and
* Act in accordance with established protocols for Indigenous materials.

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Click here for Shake your Mulla - Includes local traditional language
Spoken A thought-provoking exhibition, brought to you by State Library of Queensland, about the survival and revival of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages.

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Indigenous advisory committee 

Indigenous Advisory Committee
The Libraries Indigenous Advisory Committee is a Library consultative group representing the local community to consult between Mackay Regional Council Libraries and Mackay’s Indigenous and Australian South Sea Islander community.

Committee Members:
Mullum Stone
Jenny Binsiar
Norell Binsiar
Starrett Vea Vea
John Kennell
Rhiannon Minneconn
Philip Kemp
Deb Netuschil
Uncle George Tonga
Yonni Foan
Veronica Ahwang
Cindy Willett
Aboriginal Advisory 

Mackay Aboriginal Language Committee
The Mackay Aboriginal Language Committee is in partnership with Mackay Regional Council Libraries. The Mackay Aboriginal language is currently being revived and preserved.

Committee Members:
Deb Netuschil - Coordinator
Veronica Ahwang - Language Worker
Philip Kemp - Language Worker
Uncle George Tonga - Elder
Darren Mooney - Custodian
Robert Tonga - Custodian
Jenny Binsiar - Volunteer

Australian South Sea Islander Protocols
The purpose of the Protocols Document is to assist the development of inclusive library services and appropriate collections which recognises the tradition and culture of Australian South Sea Island people.

Protocols guide: drumming the story: it's our business.

Local Contacts
Yuwi Aboriginal Corporation
Requests for services

Mackay & District Australian South Sea Islander Association

The Neighbourhood Hub

Other Information

Queensland State Archives

Linkup - Queensland

Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies (AIATSIS)

Department of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnerships

State Library of Queensland

Kuril Dhagun - State Library of Queensland