Your Garden

Your Garden

Located in the Courtyard at Gordon White Library this edible herb and flower garden was planted by the community for the community.  There is plenty to do in your garden when visiting the library.

Edible Herb and Flower Garden

  • Tend to the garden beds by pulling any weeds, adjust mulch and remove any dead leaves from plants
  • Harvest the crop for your personal use at home
  • Propagate as per the plant identification labels and replant at home
  • Relax and watch the native bees at work or read a book and listen to the birds.

The garden is irrigated so watering is not required but feel free to keep the compost bin slightly moist if you notice it is dry.  All gardening equipment is available at the Service Desk.

Compost Bin

Thanks to Mackay Regional Council we've installed a compost bin.  The compost will be used to improve the soil in the edible herb and flower garden beds. Help make compost by adding your organic waste like fruit scraps to the bin, include the pulled weeds and add fallen leaves from the grass.  Click here to find out more about worm farming and composting.

Worm Farm

Help care for the worm by adding your fruit scraps and peelings except for onions and citrus to the worm farm.  The smaller the material the better. Worms don’t actually have teeth, they suck up their food, so small bits are best.

Your Garden is proudly supported by Mackay Community Gardens.