Little Queenslanders

Get to know some new friends and spark your child’s love of reading with our series of books for Queensland’s littlest readers. There are 12 to discover, and you’ll meet quirky characters doing funny things, go on amazing adventures in familiar Queensland places, and find cheeky animals to make you laugh and smile.

Do koalas really wear striped underpants? What do joeys get up to in Julia Creek? And will Henry the Hermit Crab ever find the owner of that mysterious egg?

Grab a copy from your library or check out the free flip books below.

Hotel For Bees

In The Deep End

Is This Your Egg?

Koalas Like To...

Once I Munched A Mango

One Remarkable Reef


The Little Queenslanders' Alphabet Book

The Coloured Echidna

The Cow That Swam Out To Sea

Up And Down On A Rainy Day

My Peoples