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Make Your Place grant program

Make Your Place grant program

The Make Your Place Mackay Waterfront Placemaking Grant will support projects and activities that connect the local community, and create places people want to go to or be in.

The grant program will help people create and deliver inspiring, inclusive and vibrant projects in public spaces, helping people to become more active and involved in their community.

The Make your Place Mackay Waterfront Placemaking grant aims to:

1.      Connect the local community, residents and/or businesses

2.     Improve physical health, mental wellbeing, and community cohesion

3.     Test new concepts, trial emerging ideas and be innovative

4.    Celebrate and promote art, culture(s), creativity and/or local history

5.     Reimagine and reinvent everyday public spaces.

Applications are now open until 5pm. Wednesday, January 18, 2023.

To find out more information about the placemaking grant and to chat to us about your placemaking ideas, contact council’s Mackay City and Waterfront team via email or phone 4961 9144.

Applications are to be submitted online via ‘Smarty Grants’.

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