Get Ready Mackay

Get Ready Mackay! Storm season is upon us and NOW is the time to get ready!


When it comes to disasters, Mackay has had them all – floods, bushfires, heatwaves and cyclones – severe weather patterns are all part of living in a tropical paradise. However, history has shown us that our best defence is preparedness. We don’t want residents to be alarmed – just prepared.

Make sure you know the five knows for evacuating. Know when to go, know where to go, know how to move, know what to take, know your neighbours.

Go to council’s Emergency Dashboard and opt in to receive text messages and email notifications of Emergency Alerts and weather warnings in our region. This is such an important way for residents to keep updated. Don’t wait for a disaster to be on our doorstep, sign up today!

We have a dedicated Emergency Management team at council, working very hard to ensure we, as a community, are the best prepared we can be for disasters – We’re ready for disaster season, now it’s your turn Mackay region.

Household evacuation planemergency-kit-checklist

Making decisions in an emergency can be stressful. Make an evacuation plan now, before disaster strikes.

Get your household evacuation plan together by filling out this plan. It is a simple plan which explains the 5 knows that households can personalise and use to get ready.