Recovering from a disaster

Supporting those affected following a disaster event is paramount. Disaster recovery is a coordinated process to support individuals and communities through reconstruction of physical infrastructure, economic recovery, the environment and support in emotional, social, physical wellbeing and psychological health.

Unfortunately, disasters cannot be prevented however we can take all the appropriate steps to better understand hazards and potential impacts. This information can be used to lessen any significant consequences in future disaster events such as reduced recovery and reconstructions costs and safeguard communities.

There are four functions of recovery that when used together are very effective:


Economic recovery includes the planning and implementation of economic and financial recovery in Mackay.


Environmental recovery includes the coordination of recovery of the natural and build environment and ensures public health and safety is addressed during the recovery phase of a disaster.


Human-social recovery includes the planning and implementation of recovery in the areas of safety and well-being, physical and psychological health and social aspects.


Infrastructure recovery includes the planning and implementation of housing, commercial and industrial buildings and structures, and physical infrastructure, including telecommunications, power, water, transport.