Car pool

Car pool
If you have to use the car, those regular trips to work, the market or school can be done with others and you'll have more fun, use less petrol and save money.

If you have to use the car, regular trips we take to work, the market or school can be shared with others (co-workers, neighbours, other students) to reduce our car use. Express lanes, car pool parking spots at work, and online resources to connect you with other people travelling your way (not to mention increasing fuel costs) make car pooling the way to go. Car pooling to work alone is estimated to save the average person from $575 - $3,500 each year depending on distance, car and number of poolers.

How to do it now!

Car pool to work. Send an email around work asking if anyone lives close to you and if they would be keen to alternate driving to work with you. You could even set up an online registry!

Car pool to shop. Talk to your neighbour and see if they would like to share the regular trip to the supermarket or local food markets.

Car pool the kids to school. Speak to the parents of your children's local friends and see if you can alternate driving the kids to school (this means less time on the road for you).

There are a number of online resources to help you find your ideal car-pooling team:

Car share. Car sharing is a cheap, green and easy alternative to car ownership. So if you don't need to drive a car every day, you may find car sharing significantly cheaper than owning your own car.

Here's a list of options to get you going:

Why is this action important?

Transport accounts for a significant portion of most people's personal CO2 emissions. Reducing the amount of CO2 and other greenhouse gases entering the atmosphere is critical if we are to address climate change and the environmental havoc it is causing. In addition, by car pooling you can save hundreds of dollars each year, drive less and hopefully get to know some interesting people.