Use public transport

Use public transport
Buses, trains and trams all use far less resources than cars. Increased use will lead to a better service and you can read, listen and relax as you go to and fro.

Efficiency, civility and community are characteristics of cities with well-run, resourced and patronised public transport systems. Trains and trams are 40 times more energy-efficient than cars (and 90 times more efficient than aircraft). So, as we try to reduce our personal contribution to greenhouse gas emissions from car and aircraft use, public transport provides an ideal alternative that is available to all right now.

How to do it now!

Most states and territories have public transport systems (to greater or lesser degrees) and the following transport websites provide information to get you started before you set off.

Why is this action important?

Transport accounts for a significant portion of most people’s personal CO2 emissions. Reducing the amount of CO2 and other greenhouse gases entering the atmosphere is critical if we are to address climate change and the environmental havoc it is causing. Reduced car use, along with the creation of efficient public transport networks, also ensures that when higher oil prices arrive we have cost-effective mass transport systems available.