Free plant programs

Council has a number of different programs that encourage residents, community groups and schools to incorporate native plant species into their gardens.  Native plants generally require less water than exotic species, are low maintenance, and provide a reliable food source and valuable habitat for native wildlife.

These programs aim to increase the number of local native plants grown across our region, while building awareness about the benefits of local native plants and giving residents a greater appreciation of local species. All native plants available through these programs are grown at the Mackay Natural Environment Centre nursery.

These programs offer a wide range of plant species to choose from including trees, shrubs, grasses, groundcovers and climbers.

The programs available include:

Free Native Plant ProgramResidential propertiesFour plants per property
Gardens for Wildlife Residential properties10 plants per property
Land for Wildlife Urban or rural properties 20 plants per property
School or Community Group ProgramSchool or community groups 50 plants per application