Request tree pruning or removal

Pruning trees

Trees require regular maintenance for various reasons including safety, clearances for pedestrians and vehicles, line of sight and traffic signage.

Once a tree is planted there needs to be regular maintenance performed, including watering until the tree has established roots capable of absorbing water from the surrounding soil. Pest and diseases may need to be addressed from time to time and pruning is required to maintain clearances for roads, footpaths buildings and infrastructure.

If a resident requests a tree be pruned the tree is assessed by an arborist and, if requiring pruning, will be performed to the Australian Standards and the following parameters

  • 2.4m clearance above footpaths
  • 3.6m for street sweepers
  • 4.8m clearance above travelling lanes of roads
  • 4.8m plus on highways

The tree will be maintained in a balanced state. Any dead branches will be removed but small dead insignificant branches will not be removed. Seed pods and fruit will not be removed. No topping, flat siding or stub cuts will be done. No hedging or topiary will be performed on council’s trees.

PLEASE NOTE: Ergon is responsible for maintaining trees clear of powerlines.

Removing trees

Mackay Regional Council will avoid removing trees wherever possible unless there is a legitimate issue to warrant the removal. All trees have a finite lifespan and require removal at some point in time. Legitimate reasons for removal are:

  • Health and safety reasons for council staff
  • Danger to road, footpath, park users, and general public
  • To facilitate approved development
  • For the protection of infrastructure
  • If the tree is obviously dead
  • If the tree is encroaching into other trees and inhibiting there natural growth or full potential
  • The tree is of such a poor state that removal enhances the area more so than the tree being present
  • The tree being an excessive public nuisance for randomly dropping an excessive number of limbs.
  • Continual root problems with infrastructure
  • The tree is classed as a weed species.
  • At some point in time mature trees become unviable to continue to maintain and needs to be removed

When a resident requests a tree to be removed the request is assessed on a set of standard criteria. Trees will not be removed due to dropping leaves or minor twigs, overhanging properties, overhanging pools where a pool cover can be used. Trees will not be removed to improve a resident’s view or because a resident continually requests the removal of a tree that is deemed structurally sound.

If you believe there is a tree that needs to be removed click here to request tree removal or call 1300 MACKAY (622 529).

Procedure for request to remove a council-owned tree

The request is received and the tree is inspected by a council arborist.

All other possible options will be investigated to retain the tree. Arborists will inform the resident requesting the removal by phone of the approval or rejection of the removal.

Any tree requested to be removed due to residents having allergic reactions must be accompanied with proof of medical/scientific testing to ascertain the tree requested is actually causing the reaction. Pollens can travel many kilometres and to state a particular tree is causing the issue in unfounded.