Catchment Management Plans

Catchment Management Plans (CMPs) are being developed to address water quality and ecosystem health issues for urban waterways. There are sixteen urban waterways in Mackay where CMPs are being planned.  Future catchment management plans have been identified as part of the Stormwater Quality Management Plan for Mackay (SWQMP).

McCready’s Creek Catchment Management Plan was the first CMP to be completed. The Goosepond Creek Catchment Management Plan is the second plan being prepared by Council. Community Consultation is undertaken as part of these studies to determine Environmental Values (EV) for the waterway. Once these EVs are established Water Quality Objectives (WQOs) can then be formulated.

Goosepond Creek Catchment Management Plan

This Catchment Management Plan (CMP) is being prepared for Goosepond Creek to assist with the provision of adequate stormwater quality measures for existing water quality issues, identify flood prone areas, and identify measures to protect fauna and flora in the catchment.  The study encompasses a catchment area spanning from the ranges in south Nindaroo to the end of freshwater in North Mackay.

The principle goal of the CMP is “to maintain or enhance the Goosepond Creek Catchment and its waterways while achieving a state of balance among environmental, social and economic interests within the community”.

The objectives of GCMP are:

  • Assess the existing condition of the waterway corridor (flora and fauna);
  • Identify Environmental Values (EVs) and Water Quality Objectives (WQOs);
  • Identify flood prone areas;
  • Assess the impacts of development on water quality and quantity;
  • Propose measures to mitigate impacts of urbanisation on water quality and quantity
  • Develop strategies and objectives for social, environmental, financial and integrated planning objectives; and
  • Develop action plans for communication, education, and social, environmental, financial and integrated planning.