Building Records Search

A Building & Plumbing Records Search provides electronic information about a property as recorded on council's computer records. You will be advised of all building approvals issued for the property, approval number, approval date and final inspection date. You will be also advised of any outstanding building & plumbing requisitions registered against the property.

A Building & Plumbing Records Search should not be relied on as proof that there aren't any requisitions on a property or that a building complies in all respects with the Standard Building Laws and the Standard Sewerage/Water Supply Laws and approved plans.

This search does not include a physical inspection of the property. It also does not include any copies of plans of any buildings on the property, they can be obtained separately from council's Customer Service Centres.

You will need to provide proof of ownership i.e. letter from the property owner or if you are purchasing the property, a copy of the signed Contract of Sale.

To request a Building Records Search complete and return the Property Search Application to council.