Building Certifiers

Building works

A building development approval is required before commencing construction on most types of building work within a cyclonic region.

These approvals are also known as building permits, building approvals or building applications and are obtained from private building certifiers.

Mackay Regional Council does not provide this service to customers.

Building certifiers can advise customers whether a building approval is required as some minor building works may be self-assessable or exempt from building approval.

For self-assessable building works, the owner is responsible for ensuring that the work complies with the applicable standards, such as structural sufficiency, size limits, boundary setbacks and manufacturing specifications.

For exempt building works, the owner does not have to meet minimum building standards.

Some minor building works (either exempt or self-assessable) may still require approval under council planning schemes and again the owners are responsible for complying with the planning scheme.

What is the private building certifier’s role?

  • Approve assessable building work relating to new or altered buildings and structures
  • Make sure all proposed structures and buildings comply with the relevant building codes, standards, health and safety issues and local community planning schemes
  • Undertake mandatory inspections of buildings under construction to ensure compliance with the approved plans
  • Provide customers and local governments with copies of all issued and approved documents with certificates of inspection and final documentation

Building certifiers will perform inspections at all the mandatory stages of the building process

  • Foundations and excavation (footings) - before footings are poured
  • Slab – before concrete is poured
  • Block work - before block work is filled with concrete
  • Frame – before the cladding or linings are fixed or masonry construction commenced
  • Final – completion of all aspects of building work

Additional mandatory inspections may also be necessary for any plumbing or drainage works performed

Examples of minor building work which are self-assessable and may not require building approval

  • Fence not more than two metres high (not including swimming pool fencing)
  • Retaining wall no more than one metre in height
  • Retainer walls with no loads imposed on it (such as a building or driveway) and the wall is no closer than one and a half metres to a building or another retaining wall

Refer Schedule 1 Building Regulations 2006

Examples of exempt building works

  • Fixing minor attachments to a building such as a sun hood are exempt as long as it is no more than one metre from the building
  • Minor repairs and maintenance to existing buildings
  • Construction of playground equipment not more than three metres high

Refer Schedule 2 Building Regulations 2006

Download a fact sheet on building a carport, pergola, garden shed, shade sail or garage (PDF 580KB)