Rate charges

Rate charges for the 2020/21 financial year are as follows:

Refuse Service Charge - $273.90
Funds bin service and contributes towards processing and disposal costs

Additional Recycling Service Charge - $106.70

Residential Only

Rubbish and Recycling Service Charge (Other) - $325.80

Commercial only

Waste Facilities Management Levy - $156.40
Applied to all assessments and partially funds council's waste program. The charge and gate fees fund residual program costs.

Natural Environment Levy - $27.00
Funds activities relating to environmental education and protection.

Roads Improvement Levy - $20.80
Funds road infrastructure improvements, services, activities and facilities.

Rural Fire Levy - $25.00, $34.40 or $44.60
A charge levied on properties within the boundaries of the Rural Fire Brigade area depending on location.

Emergency Management, Fire and Rescue Levy - (State generated)
State Legislation requires council to collect funds on its behalf based upon the usage of the land and the service area to which it belongs.

Disaster Response Levy - $13.40
Funds the upgrading of facilities utilised during disasters as well as providing for the operating costs in planning for such events.

Slade Point Seawall
Benefitted Area A $1,000
Benefitted Area B $1,300
50% contribution to the costs of construction of the Slade Point Seawall over 10 years.

Water Access - $371.50
Properties where a metered water supply has been connected will be charged on a per factor basis. Vacant land is allocated one factor per allotment.

Water Consumption Tariffs
Council is responsible for providing water and sewerage infrastructure for existing and future users of these services.

Tariff 1
Tariff 2

0-150kl per 1/2 year
Over 150kl per 1/2 year


Sewerage - $898.40
Charges are based on the number of sewerage pedestals or urinal services installed on the premises. Vacant land is allocated one per allotment. Single occupation residences have a maximum of one pedestal charge.

Properties connected to the North Eton Biocycle are charged a factor of $764.60.