Animal desexing rebate trial

Council is committed to reducing the number of unwanted cats and dogs within the Mackay Regional Council area.

To assist, council has decided to trial an animal desexing rebate. The rebate aims to provide reimbursements associated with the costs for desexing a cat or dog. The trial will run until COB Friday, June 16, 2023.

Council will provide approved eligible persons with a reimbursement of $75 for cats and $150 for dogs that have recently been desexed.


To be eligible for a reimbursement you must be:

  • A resident of the Mackay Regional Council region; and
  • The owner of a registered (under 12 weeks of age exempt), microchipped, desexed dog or cat; and
  • Have had the animal desexed within the last sixty (60) days.

Note – Regulated dogs are not eligible for this rebate.

To apply

Applications for a reimbursement must be submitted to council by the eligible person on the approved application form and accompanied by the mandatory supporting documentation.

Supporting documentation includes, but is not limited to, a payment receipt and a certificate from a veterinary surgery confirming that the animal has been desexed dated within the last 60 days.


Payments will be made to the approved applicant via electronic funds transfer to their nominated bank account.

Council reserves the right to decline an application on grounds council consider appropriate.

There is a limited amount of funds available for the rebate, the rebate trial will end either on June 16, 2023, or when funds are exhausted.


Fill out the form below and bring it in to your local council office with your supporting documentation to claim the reimbursement.