Desexing your pet

Making the choice to desex your pet is an important part of responsible pet ownership. The
best time to desex your pet is between four and six months of age.

Desexing your pet:

  • prevents uterine infections
  • eliminates unwanted harassment from the opposite sex
  • reduces the risk of breast cancer and prostate cancer in male dogs
  • tends to make animals less aggressive and territorial and less likely to wander and mark their territory
  • Reduces registration fees

National Desexing Network

National Desexing Month is held in July of each year. The National Desexing Network (NDN) encourages pet owners to desex their pets and reduce the thousands of abandoned animals destroyed each year.

More than 200,000 cats and dogs are destroyed nationally each year.

For the month of July more than 100 vets around Australia volunteer their time to desex cats and dogs at discounted rates to reduce breeding before the spring breeding season.

To find out which vet near you will be participating in National Desexing Month contact the National Desexing Network or phone 1300 368 992.