Leashes and exercise

Exercising your dog on a leash provides your pet with positive mental stimulation and is extremely good for their health. Using a leash while exercising shows dogs who is in control and helps you react better to unexpected situations.

Remember that many people are frightened or annoyed by dogs that are not leashed in public areas. Because you and your dog share public areas with other community members, you should always be considerate of other people. At no time should your dog become a nuisance or impede other people's enjoyment.

To assist others seeing your dog whilst walking at night, council suggests the use of a reflective device or collar.


Some people in the community may not share a love of dogs, so it is important to respect their space and right to use public areas. Pets need to be restrained and kept away from other people.

It's important to stop your dog from causing a nuisance or being aggressive towards other dogs.


Dogs must be leashed at all times outside your property.

Being a responsible owner means that you are responsible for the actions of your dog. It is your duty to clean up after your pet and to make sure that your dog isn't disturbing other people and other animals.


When exercising your pet in public, please use the plastic litter bags that the council have provided so that you can pick up after your pet.

If walking your dog in an area where bags aren't provided, please take your own with you.  Failure to pick up after your pet in public areas is unreasonable for other users may incur a on the spot fine.

Training and socialisation

Training a dog to walk on a leash isn't difficult. Especially if started early. It takes time and patience but it will help your pet become socialised and interact safely with other dogs and people.

See your vet or pet shop for further advice or help.

Penalties for not using a leash

Irresponsible owners who fail to walk their dogs on a leash when in public may face penalties on the spot fines.  Compliance with leash laws is regularly checked to ensure that pet owners are taking their responsibility seriously.


Pet owners are responsible for the actions of their pets at all times. Using a leash will minimise the risk. Proper restraint shows respect for the safety of others and the safety of your pet.

Council has laws and they have to be enforced fairly and evenly to protect people and pets - using a leash is the law.