Terms and conditions for use of Eat Safe Mackay Logo

  1. Only the Eat Safe Mackay star logo corresponding to the result of the most recent council food safety audit is permitted to be used by the food licence holder (e.g. 3 star result can only use 3 star logo).
  2. The Eat Safe Mackay logo must only be used to refer to the individual premises that achieved the corresponding rating (e.g. can not use to market other food businesses).
  3. The right to use the Eat Safe Mackay logo is only granted to individual holders of a current Mackay Regional Council issued food licence and which is participating in the Eat Safe Mackay scheme (e.g. A signed Eat Safe Mackay agreement form must be complete and submitted to Council).
  4. Prior written permission must be obtained from Council prior to the logo being used by organisations other than Eat Safe Mackay participants.
  5. The logo must not be re-drawn, reset, cropped, scanned or photocopied from existing material. Council reserves all its rights in relation to its logo as granted by the Trade Marks Act 1995.
  6. The use of the Eat Safe Mackay logo must include the text ’Mackay Regional Council’.
  7. Failure to comply with any of the above conditions will result in immediate suspension from the Eat Safe Mackay scheme. This involves the surrender of all Eat Safe Mackay marketing material including certificates, window stickers and the removal from display on the Eat Safe Mackay website, and a full revocation of the permission to use the Eat Safe Mackay logo. Further breaches of registered trademark laws may result in legal action.

You must agree to the terms and conditions to use the logo.

Guidelines for use of the Eat Safe Mackay logo

The logo should ALWAYS:

  • be used from the original digital artwork, not scanned
  • be scaled proportionally (not distorted)
  • include the correct number of stars achieved
  • have no less than 5mm clear space around it
  • be used in a size no smaller than 30mm wide.

The logo should NOT BE:

  • re-drawn, reset or altered in any way
  • be used without the words Mackay Regional Council
  • be included in any other logo design
  • be used on a confused or patterned background.